A classic dictionary defines underdog as somebody who is expected to lose a contest. Who isn't inspired by the triumph of the underdog? Struggling, beaten down, nothing to lose.This site is for all those underdogs who triumph, who have shown over and again that no matter what the odds are you can do wonders if you put your heart into your soul. This site is dedicated to all those true heroes who believed in themselves and that even with a remote possibility, could beat the best at their business and change the course of history.

Underdogs are always fascinating. The way they conduct themselves, they never take a 'NO' for a no. Nobody ever gives a chance for them.They are a highly optimistic breed and believe in fighting against all odds. These are some of the best compilations of all the true stories of some of the greatest underdogs who ever lived. A lesson out of their life is so invaluable, even if it gives us a new purpose and sticks with us for a few moments. If these underdogs can achieve so much against so many difficulties, imagine what can you do to your life?

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